Investor Relations

Annual Stockholders' Meeting

Notice of Annual Stockholders' Meeting

Please be advised that the Annual Meeting of the stockholders of Figaro Coffee Group, Inc. (the “Company” or “FCGI“) will be conducted online on 06 December 2023, Wednesday, at 2:00 PM. Stockholders who wish to participate in the proceedings may register below.



Financial Reports


Investor Relations Program

Investor Relations Policy


This Investor Relations Policy was established by the Figaro Coffee Group, Inc’s (“FCGI” or the company) Board of Directors with the primary objective to set a channel for the Company’s communication with the investors, potential investors, stakeholders and stock market analysts. FCGI aims to maintain healthy business relationship with its investors by providing a regular access for all investor-related information for the benefit of all its shareholders.

FCGI aims to comply with the following set objectives:

  1. FCGI will ensure that all our investors will have an opportunity to be informed in a timely and effective manner on the Company’s business strategies and growth plans.
  2. To communicate and provide sufficient and accurate information in a timely manner with FCGI’s shareholders, creditors, analysts and other stakeholders. This is in accordance with the legal requirements and based on standards and recommendations on corporate governance from relevant organizations.
  3. FCGI to maintain a loyal shareholder base and build a sustainable and long-term credibility with the investment community.

Communications Strategy

FCGI has these guidelines for the effective coordination with its shareholders:

  • Utilizing the Company’s website to promote active engagement with shareholders.
  • Utilizing the Company’s website in providing timely, accurate and useful information about the Company’s business activities and its development programs.
  • Holding regular meetings or conference calls.
  • Timely releasing of financial information through website postings and e-mails.
  • Ensuring availability of FCGI’s IR Manager or alternate authorized contact officer to accommodate shareholder’s queries and concerns
  • Promptly providing information about recent press releases to The Philippine Stock Exchange, Inc (“PSE”) and other relevant authorities.
  • Posting of the Investor’s Relations Policy at the Company’s website

Authorized Spokepersons

The Head of the Investor Relations Management Office is authorized to act as a Company spokesperson to have an open and active dialogue with the capital market participants and investors.

Aside from the Investor Relations Officer, the following key officers of the Company are also authorized to communicate with the investment community:

  • The Chairman
  • The President and Chief Executive Officer
  • The Chief Financial Officer

Investors should not rely on statements made by other individuals other than the above-mentioned persons.

Information to be Posted on the Company’s Website

The following information/date should be updated and posted in the company’s website on a timely manner:

  1. Stock Information
    • Share Price
    • Dividends
  2. Financial Reports – Annual and Quarterly Reports
  3. Company Information
    • Structure
    • Board of Directors
    • Management
  4. Corporate Governance
    • CG Manual and Policies
    • CG Reports
    • ESG Initiatives
    • Board Committees and Charters
  5. Company News
    • Press Releases
    • Analyst/Investor Briefing Reports
    • Recent News
    • Other Company Announcements
  6. Disclosures and SEC Filings
  7. Shareholder Meetings
    • Notices
    • Registration and Proxy Forms
    • Minutes
  8. Contact Details
    • Email address for shareholder feedback or assistance
      IR Officer phone numbers and emails

Other mandatory information will be made available in the Company website.

Shareholders Regular Meetings

In accordance with the Company’s Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws, FCGI will hold an annual shareholder’s meeting to present and discuss the Company’s financial performance and for the Executives to interact with the shareholders. The shareholders shall also exercise their equal rights by voting during the annual meeting.  “Notice of Meeting”  and other related announcements and materials will be posted in FCGI’s website and will be sent through email.

The Company shall conduct a periodic review of this policy, and effect any necessary amendments to ensure its relevance in the prevailing business and regulatory environment, and that the objectives are effectively achieved

Contact Information

For Investor-related question, please contact

Mike T. Barret

Business Address

116 East Main Avenue, Phase V-Sez, Laguna Technopark, Biñan, Laguna, Philippines 

Office Address

33 Mayon St., Barangay Malamig, Mandaluyong City
02 8671 4232