Spreading Happiness Through Food and Value


We believe great products and experiences should be available to all and not only as a luxury. We believe in bringing smiles to everyone we connect with.


The way we execute is by focusing on value-for-money without sacrificing the quality. Finding the balance.


Our products are long-standing Filipino favorites that bring people together.

Diversity and Balance

Through a diverse selection of brands and concepts, we minimize risk and volatility during challenging periods, while maximizing returns during strong economic backdrops. This streamlined brand allocation in the portfolio allows the company to maximize its back-end strengths and utilize economies of scale which creates a refined balance in the company’s return ratios and capital allocation.

Customer-Value Oriented

To be value-oriented is one thing, but to be Customer-Value oriented is a higher level in itself. At FCG, we make every decision and action based on what would be the best for our customers and what would delight them the most. We believe in being obsessed with customer satisfaction and aligning every facet of our strategy and goals with our valued customers.


From our supply chain, commissary, manufacturing and logistics, we are fully integrated to ensure high quality and to maximize efficiency and optimize costs. Through technology, the company integrates outside partners as well as internal departments to always be up to speed on data analytics needed for quick decision-making.

Sustainable Execution

Our philosophy has always been long-term sustainability and business viability. We achieve this through diversification, prudent investing and growth management. We ensure that capital expenditures will be put to good use to create long-term value for the company. We expand at our own pace based on what will create the best long-term sustainable value for customers, shareholders and the company.

The Figaro Coffee Group, Inc. Stores

As of January 2023

Figaro Coffee


Angel's Pizza




Cafe Portofino


Our Board Members and Management Team

Justin T. Liu

Chairman and Executive Director

Divina Gracia G. Cabuloy

President and Chief Executive Officer

Michael T. Barret

Executive Vice President / Chief Operations Officer / Corporate Information Officer / Chief IR Officer

Sigrid Von D. De Jesus

Chief Compliance Officer / Assistant Corporate Secretary 

Jose Petronio D. Español

Treasurer / Chief Finance Officer / Chief Risk Officer

Marilou R. Roca

Comptroller / Chief Accounting Officer

Atty. Lowella L Concha

Corporate Secretary

Jerry S. Liu

Chairman Emeritus

Michael Stephen T. Liu


Brian Gregory T. Liu


Senen L. Matoto

Independent Director

Corazon P. Guidote

Independent Director

Hector Villanueva

Independent Director